Flexible, reliable

Sliding roofs from Lietmann

The sky is the limit – this applies to our success as much as to some of our structural steelwork with sliding roofs for technical cranage. Lietmann GmbH & Co. KG will design and build sliding roofs for buildings which allow work to continue uninterrupted by wind and weather, and in the interior of which it is possible to provide for unrestricted feed operations, e.g. by using sound insulation booth structures.

Mechanical engineering testing booths simply cannot do without sound insulation. This applies in particular to the testing of machinery weighing up to 13,000 kg with transmissions for the delivery of 1,200 kW of power. Lietmann will supply special steel structures for this purpose for the installation of roof guides and sliding gates which allow unimpeded operations in a building with the shop crane.

One automatic sliding, sound insulating roof recently designed and installed by us has a surface area of 110 sqm, sufficient for covering an internal testing booth. And this customer is totally satisfied.

This structural steel project which ensures that the entire factory remains accessible by crane and employs the movable “matchbox principle” was installed by the Lietmann Team recently. The following key parameters and figures apply:

  • Two 40 m x 40 m roof elements, running on a specially designed track.
  • Frequency controlled drive motors
  • Operation by manual radio controller
  • Weight of each roof element approx. 160 tonnes
  • Maximum snow load 320 tonnes