Outstanding load bearing properties, flexible positioning

The Lietmann crane tracks

Track keeps things moving. Lietmann & Co. KG builds and installs crane tracks that are exceptionally durable. We use two welding torches at the same time to weld the rails to the supporting section. Naturally, we employ continuously welded seams to prevent cracking. Our customers consider this to be a key quality feature. When will you test it in practical use?

Crane tracks are exposed to significant stress, not just by the flexing load imposed by the crane wheels – the weather also makes a significant contribution to wear. Lietmann offers a convincing solution: The gap between track rail and supporting section is closed over the entire track length. This simply excludes the possibility of rising rust depositing, or of water rising and freezing on the track rail of exterior crane tracks.

We will supply either free standing crane tracks, or crane tracks supported on concrete, or by strong brackets for extremely high loads, and a variety of applications. From the standard crane track right up to a complex special section for heavy loads, the Lietmann Team will fit it all, even in the most difficult location.

We are known for our speedy and flexible response, and in an emergency we are sometimes even able to arrange for an express fitting from one day to the next. All you need to decide beforehand is whether your new track needs to be surface coated, primed, painted or hot-dip galvanized. And for use in the chemical and food processing industries we naturally offer stainless steel versions.