Intelligently integrated, ideally installed

Specialist cranes from Lietmann

Small space, large tonnage? These are challenges we like. Special cranes from Lietmann GmbH & Co. KG will solve almost any problem – quickly and reliably. Send us a description, or even better, show us the conditions of your intended use and the requirements. We will respond with a tailor-made concept.

Our high-performance crane technology allows us to supply a special design that fits into your shop – accurate to the millimetre. Here it does not matter whether the load needs to move at floor level or whether it must travel overhead in your shop, and whether you need to move 400 kilos or a good load of 400 tonnes.

Special Lietmann cranes embody intelligent concepts, are readily integrated and available with a number of options. Below please find a small selection of the full range:

  • Electric chain hoist, electric cable hoist and winch, also in explosion-proof form.
  • Radio remote control, automatic control
  • Continuously variable crane and crab travel speed and options for the avoidance of specific areas
  • Lifting and travelling speeds that suit the application exactly
  • Thermal insulation of the travelling and lifting motors for use at high ambient temperatures
  • Collision protection for overhead travelling cranes running on the same track
  • Weighing facilities with load indication suitable for calibration
  • Electronic anti-pendulum system
  • Cranes with low installed height and special, flat crab construction
  • Lifting gear such as grippers, load magnets, and special load spreaders
  • Power supply along the crane gantry by trailing cable, by safety pick-up rail, or by energy link chain.
  • Lockable bottom hook blocks