Fast, strong, capable

Automatic cranes from Lietmann

High handling capacity and high working speed. Both are equally important! Lietmann automatic cranes provide both, they offer the right support for smooth internal logistic operations, including absolute availability. Our automatic cranes provide for secure and reliable picking and placing, in the shortest possible time.

The automatic crane-operated storage systems employed in the steel and aluminium industries are a classic application of Lietmann automatic cranes. High performance cranes deal with the material-specific storage and the presentation of the material at the exact time required in the production line, regardless of whether slabs, sheet, coils, bar steel or sections need to be handled.

Other applications can be found in the automotive industry, cement factories and waste disposal. You may need to coordinate the operations of several cranes in one shop and optimise the allocation of the different tasks to individual cranes.

Lietmann automatic cranes with intelligently programmed process controls are ideally suited to this application.

Lietmann GmbH & Co. KG is your specialist for lifting and transporting – with best-of-class results when it comes to the accuracy of placement which is so important, i.e.

  • optimum, cost saving use of storage,
  • error-free, transparent inventory management, and
  • noticeable reduction of transportation damage