Innovative concepts. Intelligent designs

Lietmann manufactures cranes, crane tracks, conveyor and storage machinery as well as lifting gear.

In mechanical engineering you have to innovate if you want to survive. And you need to know how to implement ideas. Lietmann has applied this strategy since 1983. As a developer and manufacturer of special machinery for transportation and lifting of loads internally we have been in demand throughout Europe for a long time now. Because Lietmann & Co. KG supplies quality “Made in Germany”, simply very reliable.

Companies in automotive and aerospace industries, in steel and paper industries, the construction industry

and in many other sectors have relied on innovative concepts and clever designs by Lietmann of Glandorf. For them it is not only the Lietmann quality that matters, but also our approach: we think with the customer, plan ahead for the customer, and offer the customer a sophisticated design.

We are at your service with our crane tracks, transportation and storage machinery, and a plethora of lifting gear. And when it comes to structural engineering, we will make things like sliding roofs the size of pitches for you – if that is what you want us to do.